Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Day 12 - no added sugar challenge

Day 12.....can you smell the roses????

I love Valentines Day, I'm one of those hopeless romantics (and yes my husband tends to deliver every year) however, we have agreed I'd much rather them spread out throughout the year. I see no point spending $200 on the one day!!! Well, I do but that's another romantic story....

How have you survived the last couple of weeks? Can you believe we only have 2 days left? Awesome! I'm pumped and so proud to know there are many of you across the globe doing this with me. I really appreciate you. I sincerely do.

Do you think you will be able to continue this way of living after the challenge ends? I really do hope to do our best. Our kids are brilliant and are such a supporting force to make this happen and live a more healthier lifestyle. It's not that we ban the sugar or say no! no! no! YOU CAN'T HAVE THAT!!! IT'S GOT SUGAR IN IT! Instead we just know it's not healthy for us, no panic, no fretting of missing out. Well, let's just see how we go.                                                                                                                      

As a super treat on Valentines Day I will be making our family Gwyneth Paltrow's berries with caramelised cream which she shares in Sarah Wilson I QUIT SUGAR ebook. Make sure you grab yourself a copy. Pretty cool meals in there that won't even make you want sugar any more.

Our day today in a nutshell.

Various errands, plenty of home domestic bliss, more errands and of course fun times with the kids!!! Trying to fit in one on one time with the boys and their reading whilst girls are playing together. We also plan for our day and get everything ready for another day at school, work and my home office of course! :-)

Pear porridge with blueberries

Pear and blueberries porridge

Method: Cook oats on stove top with canned (or fresh) pear with juices and add milk. Cook until fluffy. When serving I mix frozen blueberries to cool it down for us all as we are typically rushing to get all kids out for our school run!

Morning snack
Ricotta & watermelon with almonds

Watermelon with ricotta and almonds

Beef salad

Afternoon snack
180 Nutrition coconut (green smoothie)
handful of spinach
1 banana
A glass of milk/water

Incredible HULK and SHREK green smoothies

Our kids love these and named them a few years ago when SHREK was out so for those that need to get greens into their babes, name it after their favourite super hero and cartoon character. I do the same when I make broccoli soup!

Quinoa turkey burgers with salad

Just a reminder to send me your meals that you would like me to "make over" into more of a healthier option for us all!! I know I love to eat taco's but have converted them into cos salad cups. Little things like that make a huge difference and can change your entire family's health around! We still need it looking and tasting cool.

Until we meet again tomorrow.

♥ Dani