about me

Hi! I'm Dani. I'm a 40 year old mum of two boys Noah aged 8 and Oscar 5 and two girls Mietta aged 3 and Zali 2. I live in Australia (in a country town in Victoria) however originally a Melbourne chick. Very happily married to my one true love Adrian. 

Adrian with Noah and Oscar

Our latest addition Zali and now our family is complete 2+2

I'm from a Serbian-Croatian background, born in Australia and it's where my heart belongs even though my heritage roots are deeply imbedded. I have very fond memories of my childhood living in Former Yugoslavia and often think about our family especially the food.

I have become a full time stay at home Mum since the birth of our second son. But I originally worked in the IT&T industry for over 15 years in various sales, marketing and management roles. This SAHM gig & managing a household of 6 people is one of my biggest job roles EVER or rather challenging…

So my goal for this blog is to perfect the right balance of a healthy, fit regime and lifestyle. I hope in return I can give you my ideas, motivate and inspire you to do the same. If I can shed nearly 30kgs AKA 70lbs so can you!!!! If you are interested in following me and my fitness regime I have an exclusive offer 50% off the FYM fat loss system and 30 days free trial at Clubfym. Click on my fitness page for my before and after pictures.

I also suffered from a severe pelvis instability condition during all my 4 pregnancies and would love to provide encouragement to those suffering, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I support the Pelvic Instability website, which is a not for profit organisation here in Australia, helping and educating women with this chronic condition.

Being a Mum to 2+2 children I am really passionate about food. I get inspired by my family’s faces, comments and compliments as I present them with their meals every day, my Mums Serbian cook books (and Dads Croatian dishes too), searching my left over ingredients (in the pantry or fridge) on Google to find a new recipe to cook every day, my travels and trying to perfect our “clean eating” habits.

We are renovating our house and pool deck area slowly on a limited budget. I love Scandi design, my monthly Belle and Inside Out subscriptions as well as exploring the internet for funky and cool pieces for home and our kids.

I love to dabble in crafty, multi-media and photography stuff and you will see my attempt on my iphone 4. One day I will actually invest in a DSLR.

My dream is to move up to Byron Bay NSW where I know my soul and body rejuvenate every time we visit there but my husband says we need to wait for the kids to finish school.

I love interiors, music, photography, camping, keeping fit (LMFAO “I work out!”), film, books (magazines really), fashion (closet fashionista!), cooking and art (only because my Mum is an artist). This little blog is just a place where I show what I’m eating, cooking, wearing, my before and after baby body pics, family adventures and what new things have inspired me.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon....... like every day ;-)))))

Much love xx Dani  

If you wish to contact me directly my email address is dani@fitnessfoodandstyle.com.au