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Thank you to so many people around the globe for joining me on my monthly challenges, I love it! All you have to do is register herelike my Facebook page and use our #ffs_challenges hash tag so I can feature you on my blog and social media pages. 

February 2014 Febfast 28 day detox challenge #ffs_team

Our #fitnessfoodandstyle February challenge is OUT NOW!! I will be participating in the @FebFast 28 day detox challenge and I want YOU to be part of our #ffs_team, so let's give back to our community. Come register and select which challenge suits you and click on the above link.

There will be loads of support and tools along the way. I am here for you and I'm SO EXCITED!!! You in???  XxDani 

7 day plank challenge

Keeping it nice and easy these next 7 days. 3 planks throughout your day @ 1 minute! Up to you which styles you prefer. 

What is a plank? So many to choose from, check out some from our challenge earlier here.
The January plank challenge earlier this year was such a success and I was so pleased with my results. 

Make sure you register to my blog and tag #ffsplanks for giveaways and continue your usual exercise program or join me with my new Freeletics program. You will love it! More information under my FITNESS tab.

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November #ffs_style challenge

This weeks 7 day challenge is simply to take a picture of the word per day and share along your preferred social media pages, let it be Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest etc... get creative and start snapping! Use the hash tag #ffs_style

Come join me. 15 week transformation challenge. Are you ready? More information here.

Grab your Freeletics guide here

September Giveaways

September STYLE Challenge Week 3

This week is all about a style word per day for you to share with us across any social media platform. Please ensure you use our #ffs_style hashtag and there will be giveaways this month that you will love. 

For more information please click here.

7 day style challenge

September FOOD Challenge Week 2

This week is all about converting our favourite foods we grew up eating that were full of cream, sugar, pasta, potatoes, sweets etc...Tag your meals that you have created in a healthy version #ffs_septemberchallenge on any social media platform.

7 day food challenge

September Super Sets FITNESS Challenge Week 1

Are you ready for some sweat? Come check this workout now and my video here. Enjoy!!!

August 31 Day Water Challenge

Print out your copy and lets stay hydrated this month!

June Yoga A Day Challenge with Grow Soul Beautiful

Click here to read more

June Instagram Challenge

May #ffsphotoaday challenge

I thought I would mix things up a little and get you to capture everything and anything Fitness Food And Style related. So get your camera ready!

The words are your guide, prompt, inspiration to get all creative. As you may know by now, I am such a visual person and I live on InstagramFacebookPinterest and Twitter. So please come and join me. Hash tag #ffsphotoaday and let's have some fun.

Photo A Day Challenge ~ Fitness Food And Style

LET'S PLAY!!!!! XxDani