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Thank you to so many people around the globe for joining me on my monthly challenges, I love it! All you have to do is register herelike my Facebook page and use our #ffs_challenges hash tag so I can feature you on my blog and social media pages. 

February 2014 Febfast 28 day detox challenge #ffs_team

Our #fitnessfoodandstyle February challenge is OUT NOW!! I will be participating in the @FebFast 28 day detox challenge and I want YOU to be part of our #ffs_team, so let's give back to our community. Come register and select which challenge suits you and click on the above link.

There will be loads of support and tools along the way. I am here for you and I'm SO EXCITED!!! You in???  XxDani 

7 day plank challenge

Keeping it nice and easy these next 7 days. 3 planks throughout your day @ 1 minute! Up to you which styles you prefer. 

What is a plank? So many to choose from, check out some from our challenge earlier here.
The January plank challenge earlier this year was such a success and I was so pleased with my results. 

Make sure you register to my blog and tag #ffsplanks for giveaways and continue your usual exercise program or join me with my new Freeletics program. You will love it! More information under my FITNESS tab.

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November #ffs_style challenge

This weeks 7 day challenge is simply to take a picture of the word per day and share along your preferred social media pages, let it be Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest etc... get creative and start snapping! Use the hash tag #ffs_style

Come join me. 15 week transformation challenge. Are you ready? More information here.

Grab your Freeletics guide here

September Giveaways

September STYLE Challenge Week 3

This week is all about a style word per day for you to share with us across any social media platform. Please ensure you use our #ffs_style hashtag and there will be giveaways this month that you will love. 

For more information please click here.

7 day style challenge

September FOOD Challenge Week 2

This week is all about converting our favourite foods we grew up eating that were full of cream, sugar, pasta, potatoes, sweets etc...Tag your meals that you have created in a healthy version #ffs_septemberchallenge on any social media platform.

7 day food challenge

September Super Sets FITNESS Challenge Week 1

Are you ready for some sweat? Come check this workout now and my video here. Enjoy!!!

August 31 Day Water Challenge

Print out your copy and lets stay hydrated this month!

June Yoga A Day Challenge with Grow Soul Beautiful

Click here to read more

June Instagram Challenge

May #ffsphotoaday challenge

I thought I would mix things up a little and get you to capture everything and anything Fitness Food And Style related. So get your camera ready!

The words are your guide, prompt, inspiration to get all creative. As you may know by now, I am such a visual person and I live on InstagramFacebookPinterest and Twitter. So please come and join me. Hash tag #ffsphotoaday and let's have some fun.

Photo A Day Challenge ~ Fitness Food And Style

LET'S PLAY!!!!! XxDani



  1. Yes, on Monday! I have a Mexican themed dinner party to attend tonight and have to bring the frozen strawberry margarita pie!

    1. Hey there! How did your dinner party go! Hope everyone enjoyed the frozen strawberry margarita pie!!! Let me know how you go with your 1st day of no sugar! xxDani

  2. Count me in on your fruits of life team! You can use my name too:)

    1. Cool, just found you Nativa. Thank you soooo much!!!

  3. Doing well so far! Although I didnt think about Nate's family birthday on Sat. Not sure I can commit to no cake!! ;)

    One of my fav smoothies is banana, pear, cinamin, yogurt that I make myself, spirilina (not sure I spelt right!) with added almond milk if I want to top it up. Sometimes I add protein powder and tahini, just to make sure I got everything I needed. SOmetimes swap this fruit for berries. Found I had soo much energy having 2 of these a day as my snacks between meals...kinda slacked off but going to start making them again tomorrow!

    As for my it ok that i'm having up to 4 coffees with about a quarter teaspoon sugar? Thats a lot of coffee hey. Although I dont always reach this many

    1. I think the 4 coffees per day with sugar may be a reason to reduce or completely kill that sugar all together. I know it's hard babe. I've done it now and have never turned back (2 years ago). Celeste just did it last week and she always had 1tsp in her coffee when she visited. It's doable Kelly, you just need to make it happen. I am currently researching the various sugars and difference between them eg: glucose and fructose. There is a product out there called DEXTROSE (glucose) and apparently that is a lot better for us than fructose. I will do a post on this and people can decide what works best for them! Keep up the great work and if you can avoid that cake this Saturday you will be a superstar!!!!!! If not enjoy XxD

  4. wooohoooo... TT12 here comes Michelle Hui. Ummm... I may ask questions later though. Ok.. let's have a good start together. I am going to make myself to stick with this challenge no matter what. I will do it!

    1. YAY! Go Michelle! How was day one? Any pics or measurements? Please send whatever through so we can have it recorded. Now go and eat clean and move your body!!! :-)))) XxDani

  5. I think I better do this to stay on track before the next FYM Challenge. Perfect that it will end the same day that starts!! Maybe I can get some friends to do it with me!! I'll do the sugarless challenge.

  6. Hi Dani, KCC is me!!! I need these abs to breakthrough the layers!!

  7. Hi Dani! Count me in for the KCC challenge!

  8. Hey dani, Count me in il join for sure!!! :D



    1. Dani
    2. Michelle
    3. Christine
    4. Sheri
    5. Ritika
    6. Maria
    7. Liz
    8. Pauline

    1. Celeste
    2. Jodie
    3. Anita
    4. Jess
    5. Adrian
    6. Daniel
    7. Amanda (FYM)
    8. Tace
    9. Elise
    10. Tami
    11. Sanya
    12. Sarah
    13. Dee (FYM)

    So happy are doing this all together, please use this challenge thread to suggest any tips that are helping you along the way, any questions I may not be able to answer our other readers may. Also list handy tools you are using to eat clean, exercise etc...

    Here are my favourite iPhone apps....I double check with MyFitnessPal that I am eating enough calories vs my workouts and what I'm burning. It has educated me along the way as I don't necessarily count my calories anymore as I know approx. food quantities I need at each and every 5-6 meal per day. For fitness interval time keeper I either use Holly's or use "Seconds Pro". Jackie suggests GymBoss or android version "My interval keeper".

    Feel free to share what fitness tips you have going to help others jump on board and lead the way to a healthy and fit lifestyle xx Dani

  10. Hey Dani - sounds really good. I'd like to be part of "Fruits of Life" as I don't usually add any sweetener to my foods. Thx! Maria xx

    1. Thanks for joining in Maria, I'll be trying "Fruits Of Life" for the duration of this entire challenge. Avoiding sugar like the plague as I know already from my party week/end experience. xxd

  11. HI Dani, Holly's Core Circuit will be part of my program. I will be doing the circuit after my intervals on non-strength days.

  12. Hi Dani, I love your blog, I will do the ab challenge doing Jackie's KCC. I did start yesterday just wasn't sure if I was brave enough to publicly declare it but Celeste convinced me this morning :)

    1. FANTASTIC MARITA!!!! Simply measure yourself around your waist, belly button and hips to see how many cm's you lose over the next 3 weeks. XxDani

  13. Hi Dani,
    I just sent you a message through FB. but I'd like to participate in the ab challenge. I am prepared to do the FYM part and be involved in fruits of life..
    following are steps i think i need to complete..
    1. terrifying photo of me in my undies and bra top
    2. email said photo to you.
    3.measure real life self... and try not to compare to photo.
    4. go to work and ask co worker to do my BMI for me.
    5. begin the challenge
    let me know if i missed anything.
    M x

    1. It's never too late Miriam!! You have got all the right steps, so can't wait to do this with you xxDani

  14. So, when are the #planksJan2013 starting..? In January, alright, haha! Post on IG when you have updated your blog! I'd love to join in!

    1. Sure will! It will be posted here, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram xxx

  15. Hi Dani, I am a 27 year old, Sydney-sider, full time worker who is interested in getting healthier. I stumbled across your instagram page and was intrigued by your photos, so I went onto your blog too. I grew up with an obese Mum and while I would not be considered overweight, I have poor snacking/sweet-tooth habits and feel like I just don't know what healthy options are for meals! Thanks for posting pics of what YOU eat, it is helping re-educate my mind on what food I should be eating- I dont want to pass crappy eating habits onto my kids, which is the next step in life that my husband and I are embarking on. I look forward to seeing what the next "challenge" is & joining in! I also don't follow any other blogs, so am looking forward to being involved with yours. I'm not on Facebook anymore, but would create a new account if I knew that you have an online community where progress pictures of ourselves can be posted (for the sake of accountability and inspiration)- do you have this "feature" on your Facebook page? Amy x

    1. Hiya Amy, thank you so much for visiting my page and please make sure you register for all my challenges simply by subscribing to my blog. Yes, I have a Facebook page and absolutely post pictures of people, I did this for my squats, plank and no added sugar challenges. So please feel free to send me you before and after pics and if you would like me to share your pics here (IG & FB) then either tag me on IG or send to my email directly.

      I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the next challenge, that post is up now so go over and make a comment.

      Much love,

  16. Hey Dani. I just stumbled upon your site and I love all these challenges that you come up with. Very inspirational and fun!!

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