Saturday, 28 July 2012

The road is now OPEN ~ running picture

Went running this morning.....awesome with a capital "A" until I hit about 3km as I got chatting with one of the ladies in our social running group. Yup! The dreaded stitch came back!!! For those that know me, yes I like to talk. Even when I was at school sitting an exam I would somehow make conversation!!!! So maybe that threw my breathing out, all in all I was pretty stoked as I ran 4.8km AKA 3 miles. We had a couple of stops after some hefty hills but other than that, we kept running....

Pre run
Apple puree

Post run
Protein vanilla drink

Salmon flakes, 2 sunny side eggs with salad and feta cheese

Morning snack
Cottage cheese with pineapple and cherries

left over chicken mushroom fried rice

Afternoon snack
Serbian style crepes served with walnuts, lemon & honey and strawberry jam

Ingredients (especially for you Celeste)
500g wholemeal flour
1tsp vanilla paste (or use vanilla essence)
rind of one lemon
sprinkle of cinnamon
1tsp apple sauce (not required though)
pinch of salt
3 eggs
500ml milk/buttermilk (or until you get the right runny consistency)

We went for a playdate and catch up this afternoon, I managed to cook my Serbian traditional "clean"pancakes while the kids played and Celeste edited the fitness photos she took last week. She even managed to get a picture of me and my famous "flip" technique that my kids love!

Now I'm just showing off, huh? Nah! Just love playing around in the kitchen really. I have so much fun!!

Left over chicken proscuitto feta and salad wraps

Workout completed (no interval training as I thought the running was enough cardio for one day) did my resistance training 50 seconds of 5 various circuit exercises with 10 seconds rest x 4 rounds. Love this workout as it really challenges me, I kinda give up and don't go as hard with all the reps but then I just pump myself and try to go harder the next round.

Post workout drink
Vanilla protein shake with water

Over and out for me today my beautiful people. I am typing this with one eye shut. A very late night last night, early start this morning with a massive run for me. I have never ran that far with limited stops EVER in my entire 38 years on this earth!!!

Hoping your weekend has been terrific and I look forward to sharing with you my last day of the 6 week Fit Yummy Mummy transformation challenge. I can't believe it ends tomorrow? Where has the time gone? XxDani