Friday, 8 June 2012

Quick and easy

Goodmorning to all my beautiful people, things were pretty busy this morning in our household so I was very glad I spent 5 mins last night to prepare this mornings breaky.....

I simply pour the oats into a container (which has a lid and hangs out in the fridge overnight. I make a large batch for the week, you can simply put glad wrap straight over your cereal bowl for one serve)

added some water

juices from a lemon and oranges

rind of some lemon & orange

sprinkled cinnamon

couple of drops of vanilla essence

a few sultanas

And in the cooking was required!!

All I had to do was cut up whatever fruit was at hand, so a banana, some blueberries with slivered almonds (cos they look pretty and are sooooo good for you too) and that was it!!!! Oh yes, that frothy milky white stuff, was Adrian's left over milk from his latte this morning.....just mixing it up a little.

This was so beautiful and tasty as all these wonderful flavours had a party together while I was sleeping last night and I got to enjoy every move they made in my mouth this morning. I LOVE IT!!!!

I hope this gives you some inspiration to be creative with your porridge in the mornings especially when you don't have time to cook it over a stove top! Only under extreme emergencies do I use the microwave as I really don't want to degrade this fine grain.

What are some of your favourite porridge creations???


  1. Daniela your blog is fantastic. I cant wait to read more about the foods you make them sound so easy! If you can do it with 4 kids I should be able to do it with 2!

    One I make is: Natural vanilla muesli with pistachio, fig, orange and apricot!!! Very yum. Remind me to share it with you some time

    Good luck with your blog

  2. That sounds very yummy and yes I'd love to try and share it on here as well. Thanks for coming past and I am looking forward to this new online world we are in ;-) See you soon x


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