Thursday, 7 June 2012

Pre and post body after baby no.4

Here is a recent snap shot of my latest  "roller coaster" body after having 4 babes. I will share the other 3 pregnancies and pics next time I get online....

Post baby 82kgs Sept 2011 and post baby 65kgs April 2012

40 weeks pregnant with Zali 

Yes, now what I mean by roller coaster ride (BTW Adrian you do have a VIP pass on this ride for the rest of my life) but for the people out there that know the effects their body has on them with any form of weight gain eg: babies, depression, injury etc.... you tend to get a bit dizzy and disorientated, I know I sometimes get a little queasy on these rides. So let me tell you that I have slowly got my vertigo back on track and with each pregnancy I have learned so much about myself, my body and it has been a lot easier to get my body back this fourth and final time!

Trust me I have been pregnant and breastfeeding over 6 years now!!!!!

baby Zali 10 days old

I will continue to share with you my past pregnancies before and after shots so you can see that you can get your body back after having children. Have a sensational day XxDani