Thursday, 28 November 2013

Rave Reviews with 180 Nutrition

I am delighted to once again offer the opportunity for FFS readers to taste-test some of the products I am given and that I use and love.

I was lucky enough to discover 180 Nutrition (come say hi on their Facebook page from FFS) last year and I am totally in love with their range! I'm such an advocate of their product that I became an affiliate partner and can offer my readers an exclusive 10% discount off the entire range of their products.

When a discount is involved there's no better excuse to try a product and here's the promo code you'll need to secure the deal 264464.

The 4 lucky Rave Review team members who have been chosen to road test 180 Nutrition for a couple of weeks are:

1. Talia - Black Hill, Victoria
2. Skye - Junee, NSW
3. Adrian - Canberra, ACT
4. Antoinette - Southport, QLD

If you wonder why I love 180 Nutrition so much and recommend it so highly, it's because you'll find me using constantly! It is such a versatile product I can use it for everything - my pre and post workout drink, smoothies, baking, the works!!!! They also have THE most amazing protein bars for those handbag snacks that we need and rely on when we are on the go!

I understand that not everyone will like the taste or texture as it's unlike other protein powders which include synthetic fillers and artificial sweeteners. It doesn't dissolve completely but I love that about it! The fact that I can feel the texture of chia seeds, almond meal, sesame seeds etc..... as I am drinking it makes me happy as I know it's all completely natural and full of goodness!!!!

180 Nutrition Protein Superfood is unlike anything on the market today as it is 100% natural. Completely. You'll find nothing in it but the highest quality whey protein isolate and ingredients which are nutrient dense, chemical free, raw and home grown.
This really does make 180 a unique protein supplement experience - you’ll feel the difference. For more information and also to check out these sensational Paleo gentlemen Guy and Stu, click on the 180 linkEnjoy ... and don't forget I now have this amazing offer to all FFS readers 

Purchase any 180 Nutrition product via my link and receive a 10% discount!!! 
Simply use promo code 264464

180 Nutrition the most natural protein powder you will ever taste

How cool is that?

Much love and friendship,


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    1. Thank you Thank you Thank you

      This is for you.....xxDani

  2. Dani, do you know the protein/carb ratio? I couldn't find it on their website.

    1. Hey gorgeous, I'll have a chat with Guy and Stu and let you know ASAP. BTW how is your little fella settling into Kinda? Mietta is loving it and always asking "Is Kinda today?"

      Thanks for stopping by and glad to read all going well your end, loving your blog xxDani

    2. Thanks :-) And he's LOVING it! Took a couple of days to stop the cry-when-mum-leaves thing, but he's been asking every day since then when he can go back :-) Glad Mietta's loving it too! Makes home a little different, huh?

    3. Sure does. A little bit of Zali and Mama time and she is always looking around for her brothers and sister! XxDani

    4. Hi Shell, here's the response I got back from the guys at 180 Nutrition. Let me know you got this okay xx Dani

      A 50g serve of 180 is approximately 50% protein, 25% fat & 25% carbs.
      Included in this of course is the vitamins minerals and fibre. Of the
      25% carbs a large percentage is non-digestible fibre, so you could say
      that the actual carb content (that which effects blood sugar) could be
      as low as 15%.

      Naturally, what you blend with 180 will effect this ratio. Milk or
      water... Banana or avocado etc...

  3. Hi there,

    I purchased a starter pack of the coconut and choc protein but it doesn't have a scoop with it so I am unsure what serving size to have as my post workout protein shake? I'm not trying to put weight on, just tone and burn fat.

    Thanks i appreciate your time. And btw have been trying some of your recipes and they are fantastic, such great ideas to keep clean eating going! :)

  4. So sorry Mel for taking so long to reply. Your average scoop would be 1tbs but I am sure you have worked that out by now. Once again, apologies for missing this comment. Let me know how you are going xx Dani


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