Monday, 9 September 2013

Food Challenge - Healthy Spin

This week we are going to have some food fun. I would like us to share our most favourite meals and how we can convert our traditional dinners into more healthier ones. Heather from Big City Dreamer and I have been doing some of our own healthier versions.

Here are some examples;

Food Challenge - healthy spin

So from white pasta we have now replaced them with zucchini pasta, deep fried battered fish to grilled fish, greasy beef hamburgers to grilled veggie burgers, nacho's to lettuce cups and noodles converted to vegetable noodles.

Please tag your healthy meals to #ffs_septemberchallenge and be as creative as you want. There will be a random winner selected this week, so please ensure you have subscribed to my blog as I will be contacting you via email. We will also be on the look out and select a dish you wish us to convert to a more healthier alternative.

Challenge starts today and finished Sunday 15th. Joining me on this challenge is Heather and I am super excited to be collaborating with her. So please follow us on Instagram and Facebook. I will also be posting my favourite dishes throughout the week on my blog. 

What traditional meal would you like to see converted into a healthy one?

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  1. Hey Dani - what's in your lettuce cups!? Thanks. :)

  2. The one pictured above is tuna with sweet corn and spring onion. However we mix it up with beef, onions and vegetables. The kids love this option! XxDani


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