Monday, 11 March 2013

Ballarat Begonia Festival and my Lake Wendouree push ups

What a great day we had today at the Ballarat Begonia Festival. Here's a quick snap shot of some of the 52 community groups, businesses and schools entered into The Courier Begonia Parade;

Just to name a few......

Ballarat Begonia Festival

It's amazing! this festival has been running strong for more than 6 decades!!! They marshall in Carlton St between Sturt St and Wendouree Parade and along Wendouree Parade between Morrison Street and Hamilton Avenue.

It was a jam packed day today and we had such amazing weather.

Ballarat Begonia Festival


Today I managed to do my female version push ups beside our beautiful Lake Wendouree! I did do 2 proper ones but still not 100%. Little Oscar attempted his version and then collapsed on his belly. 

This is Week 2 for our Day 3 push ups, reps 8, 8 &9 (rested 2 minutes in between sets). Where is the time going? Tomorrow is a day of rest and then we move onto Week 3!!! Whoosh! How time flies when you are having fun.

Lake Wendouree push ups

I know it's only been 2 weeks but I am starting to see some muscle definition in my arms & shoulders, I really should've taken a before picture. Totally forgot!


I got into making our meatballs again this weekend and made a big batch for this week to freeze as I will be going to Sydney next week for a 2 day Digital Parents Conference where there is jam packed information with panel sessions, workshops, keynote speakers, networking opportunities and a sponsor expo. It's one the biggest social media events catering to Australia's mum, parent and personal blogging communities. So I look forward to meeting new people and especially meeting my dearest friend Shari from Your Family Survival Coach

Spinach wholemeal pasta with basil meatballs bolognese

My typical meatball recipe is found here however today I pushed up our greens by adding more basil and parsley!!! Boy were they divine!! Also pushed up our greens with these amazing spinach based wholemeal pasta!!! Now that's some serious green action on a plate!!! 

I hope you had a sensational long weekend (for my Victorian readers) and please leave me your comments below on your most favourite freezer meals?

♥ Dani