Saturday, 26 January 2013

I QUIT SUGAR ebook 50% discount offer!!!

When I saw this come into my inbox I immediately thought of you!!!

This weekend the lovely Sarah Wilson who is the author of I QUIT SUGAR is offering 50% off her ebook which is AMAZING!!!!

I QUIT SUGAR special offer this Australia Day long weekend 

In fact perfect for all of us doing the no added sugar challenge next month!!! I even have a copy!!!

Go check it out as it may give you ideas on how to curb your sweet tooth cravings throughout our challenge or FOREVER. I think Sarah is amazing as she has totally eliminated sugar from her diet. She is my inspiration!!!

Here is what we had for breakfast this morning:


No added sugar pancakes

I simply mixed wholemeal flour with 2 eggs, whisked in buttermilk (or mix yogurt with milk) add some vanilla essence and any other spices you like. I made this batter a lot thicker to my typical traditional pancakes AKA crepes so you just add as milk to make the right consistency you like.

Blueberry pancakes with no added sugar

I then sprinkle blueberries and leave others plain for kids to add yogurts, walnuts, honey or whatever is a semi healthy optional topping.....


Just a reminder, I'll be posting my daily food journal over the 14 day challenge to give you some other inspiration and ideas. Otherwise grab yourself a copy of I QUIT SUGAR as I find it extremely useful and get so many ideas from her recipe book. It's amazing!!!! Especially with the 50% offer this weekend. Ends Tuesday 29th February.

Have a sensational weekend (HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY to all my Australian friends) and don't forget to register for our NO ADDED SUGAR challenge  (simply subscribe to my blog) that starts next Friday 1st February and ends on Valentines Day 14th February.

 Xx Dani