Thursday, 28 June 2012

Chickpea burger with polenta & parmesan fries

Before I go sink my head into my soft pillow, here's my day in a nutshell.


I did my 15 minute strength and 15 minutes interval training workout. I can't believe how intense these workouts are, awesome sweat glitter session :-) For those that want to follow the Fit Yummy Mummy Program I follow, simply click on this link and get all the tools that will get you back on track to a healthy and fit lifestyle for only $19. You save 50% discount by purchasing from my blog.

Pear with cinnamon porridge

Pear porridge no added sugar

Morning snack
Cottage cheese with banana and cinnamon

Wholemeal sunflower seeds cracker sandwich biscuits with cheese and tomatoes
latte (hubby came home for lunch so we had one together)

Afternoon snack
nuts and fruit mix (on my way to kinda & school pick up)
a piece of lamington cake from the kids
herbal tea (had a quick play date at a girlfriends place)

Bean & chickpea wholemeal burger served with polenta & parmesan fries

Polenta and parmesan fries

All I did with the bean mix was place 2 cans (1 chickpea, the other cannelini white beans) chopped onions, tomato, capsicum, bacon and spices gently fried with olive oil. Added worcestershire sauce, a drizzle of maple and then added water until it became nice and thick.

The polenta you cook as per packet instructions, I load it with parmesan cheese and season it accordingly. Allow to cool and set. See above 3rd and 4th pic, I just sliced into thick fries. Then oven bake or if short for time which I was tonight, I just grilled them. My husband even loves these as he's not a real huge fan of polenta, even though it's been a pantry staple my whole life.

Bean burger with polenta and parmesan fries

Goodnight my beautiful people until we meet again!!! Thanks to all of you that have accepted my 2 week sugar free challenge. I AM PUMPED!!! xxDani