I will eventually link all my recipes under the FOOD tab, thank you for your patience. In the meantime please use the search box and type whatever food word you have seen on my blog xx Dani

Green Smoothies & Juices
Banana chocolate chia smoothie

Watermelon, apple and pear juice
Green raspberry smoothie
Green smoothie
Coconut, raspberry smoothie

Blueberry pancakes
Pancake oats
Pear Porridge
Egg Pizza

Bircher muesli
Home made muesli


Chocolate truffles (with chickpeas)
Chocolate (walnut & fruit seed)) balls
Cookies and cream
No bake 180 Nutrition cookies
Banana pancakes (egg and banana only - gluten free)
Banana Bread

Caramel popcorn *no added cane sugar

Serbian style crepes *no added cane sugar

Savoury french toast
Omelette pizza AKA vegetable frittata
Tuna burgers
Minestrone soup
Rice paper rolls

Mexican beef tacos
Stuffed red capsicums
Chickpea burger with polenta parmesan fries

Turkey burgers
Healthy kids burgers
Spinach parmesan gnocchi
Vegetable frittata
Very easy PIZZA
Super quick healthy pizza


Orange muffins
Fruit cake

Chocolate healthy cake

chocolate cookies
Apple strawberry crumble *no added cane sugar

Apple strawberry crumble


  1. Perfect Dani! Makes it very easy to locate the recipe you are after..
    And really that's the best you can do without actually having individual recipes her - and that's way harder!

    Love it!

  2. That´s good Dani!!! Makes it a lot easier to find your yummy recipes!!!

  3. hi,

    All your food looks so amazing, It looks so yum, I wish i could grab it out of my laptop screen. :)

    1. Hi Rachel, thanks so much and I am so happy to be sharing this with you xxDani

  4. Hi Dani,

    Have you heard of recipage? Its a web thingy for food bloggers to index their recipes.
    It was made by food blogger Emily Malone & her husband Casey.
    Its awesome & lets your readers search your recipes by ingredients, keywords etc.
    Emily's page is and
    You may want to check it out.
    Hope that helps.

    Thanks for all you do.

    1. Ohhhh thank you sooo much Manu, when I get a spare minute will have to check it out! For now, I think my search box in the top left hand corner of blogger gives readers a chance to search for key words, recipes etc...until I get my bottom into gear and register with other bloggers out there! XxDani

  5. Serbian style crepes looks very delicious and its making me hungry right now.. :P

    1. They are so delicious and now are completely guilt free since omitting sugar in the mixture and on the toppings!!! Thanks for coming by and hope to see you again xxDani

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  7. Yummy and delicious :) i am going to make this recipe :) this saturday :)

    importance of dairy


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